MHA Marketing

Industrial marketing, with a creative streak

Case Studies

The core of industrial marketing - gain acceptance and understanding of your product or service.

Press releases

MHA will write the right piece and get it to the right place for your business. We access a database of every jounal and jounalist across every market area.

Sales Communications

Not just for 'arms length' communications, MHA will work with you to develop a suite of sales letters, effective powerpoint presentations and dynamic sales proposals.

Welcome to MHA Marketing Communications

Do you want to get yourself heard?

Thank you for visiting. MHA was established in 2002 to drive sales and marketing communications specifically for industrial and technical/engineering companies - marketing programmes aimed directly at increasing sales. You can see some of our clients here, and read about some of the ways in which we have helped them to build their brands and their profits.

Our fundamental premise is that industrial marketing is different from consumer marketing in more ways than just the budget. Read more about the ideas that underpin our work here. Make this year the year you give your competitors a bloody nose. MHA will help you extend your reach, drive your sales, lift your profits. You've come to the right place.

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