Industrial marketing - Driving Sales

There are important differences between "consumer" and "industrial" marketing. The most obvious and most fundamental is that the consumer marketer has to build their "brand" at arms length, through advertising. You don't get a baked bean salesman coming to your home. In the consumer world, it is the image and the presentation that makes the difference.

Industrial marketing supports industrial sales

Industrial marketing is different because it is based on SALES. You make your case face to face, but that doesn't mean we can ignore the brand. For a consumer company, brands are considered to be their most valuable assets. Industrially, we should take the same view, and create a brand that has values outside the prospect's office and the sales conversation. A positive brand image will directly generate sales leads, but perhaps more importantly will help face to face sales by getting over that first "who are you, what do you make, why do you want to see me?" objection.

Whether communication is sent directly to the prospect, or via the wide variety of on-line or off-line channels now available to us, the prospect needs to know who you are and what you stand for.

Compelling industrial content creation

In order to build an industrial brand, there is one overriding quality that we need to establish, that of Competence. Once your prospect has a) heard of you and b) trusts you to be able to do whatever it is that you say you can do, then life becomes much easier. The first and prime point of any sales conversation is to establish credibility for your company, and your communications programme must start from the same point.

Case Studies, we love case studies

The shape of the communications programme will vary from client to client, but will always be designed to support the sales effort. One of the most powerful tools at our disposal is the case study, where we take a successful installation, application or whatever, and write it up for use by the salesman, or use it as editorial (press release or feature article). The case study provides both a third party reference and an insight for the prospect so that he can understand directly how your product has helped someone else. The case study is also impartial, and is readable independently of the delivery style of your sales representative. The format suits the piece - it may be simple text, it can be an image-based story, it can be video. Whatever gets the story across best.

Distributed as stories, as press releases, as web content, on LinkedIn or Twitter, or on any of the other specialist channels available, we get you and your business in front of your customers.

Trust MHA to develop the right programme for you and to make sure that the communications you use support your sales efforts.