Content Creation and Marketing Communications Services

On-line or off line, and throughout the plethora of available communications channels, the one constant is this: You need authoritative, compelling content. We aren't selling jeans, or perfume, we aren't attracting millennials to try out the latest gin bar, however nice that sounds. We are creating links between you and your fellow professionals, matching what you offer to what they need. To do that we have to build bridges, we have to allow them to really gain an insight into the many ways that your products and services have helped people like them; with their pressures, their problems.

The services list below is really fairly irrelevant. What we do is design communications that allow you to connect, and then put those communications in front of the right people. We may do that in a variety of different ways. In writing, by video, in images, by email, even good old-fashioned sales literature and leave-behinds. By getting your story across, we build your case so, when your sales people sit in front of your prospects, the job may not be done for them, but they will have a head start, and that's all you need.

Here's a general introduction to MHA, produced in one of the newer tools, Adobe Spark. Click on it and see.


MHA Marketing Communications Ltd

Services include:

Press releases

MHA will write the right piece and get it into the right place for your business. We access a database of every journal and journalist across every market area

Case studies

The core of industrial marketing - gain acceptance and understanding of your product or service

Feature articles

We also have a database of upcoming features. We'll help you to develop that 'market leader' halo


MHA has invested in the software that allows us to put together a really great-looking email communication, send it to a database (either your prospect/customer list or a bought-in database), then tell you who opened it, when, and what they were most interested in. Interested? You should be.


Whether physical or electronic, a newsletter is a terrific way to bring together product news with case studies and other PR to build a great case for your business

Advertising design and media buying

We'll design punchy, effective adverts for you then use our comprehensive media database to make sure they get to the right audience

Sales literature

Effective, dynamic product presentation. Layout and copywriting done in-house

Direct mail

Not junk mail, but targeted, relevant communications that lay out your case to your potential customers

Sales communications

Not just for 'arms length' communications, MHA will work with you to develop a suite of sales letters, effective PowerPoint presentations and dynamic sales proposals


Websites that work with you to promote your business. Call us and see some examples of our work

Exhibition stand design and pop-up displays

For pull-up or pop-up displays, we'll put the artwork together for you and source the display unit. For larger projects we will identify the right contractor and deliver a great show.


We can handle table top and other simple photography in-house, and we work with a roster of high-quality, skillful snappers to deliver the result you want.

MHA will work with you throughout your marketing mix. You need to create clear and compelling content for all of your communications channels. Your website lies at the heart of what you do, but it is vital to carry your messages to wherever your customers operate - on and off-line.

We aim to undertake the majority of work in-house, and maintain a database of service partners for more complex activities. whether you need a case study, a website or an exhibition stand, MHA can work with you to make the project a reality.